About Us

About us

The consumer finance at the point of sale was a deserted area for dozens of years, ChargeAfter was formed in order to create disruptive invocation to this space that would answer the needs of the consumers, merchants and lenders. Consumers today are looking for a different financing/credit solution, mainly for high value transactions: specific, less expensive and more reachable (more then 50% of the consumers don't have credit cards).

Merchants today, have no ability to offer real time financing options to their consumers at the point of sale, lacking financing alternatives that would answer consumer needs, thus they are losing many potential consumers or not maximizing their purchase potential. Lenders who have the ability to underwrite users in real time are lacking the approach to this lucrative market of point of sale consumer finance.

ChargeAfter's global financing platform facilitates and connects lenders with merchants, creating a global financing network that enables merchant to offer real time, low cost, reachable financing options to their consumers.
The use of this platform enables the merchant to increase sales dramatically by increasing the buying power of consumers, recover declined transactions and increase the consumers conversion at the point of sale. ChargeAfter was founded by veterans of the payment processing industry who saw the clear need to create a better real time credit solution at the point of sale.